A BETTER WAY TO MANAGE CARRIED INTEREST and equity sharing programs
FirmView provides a structured way to help you centrally track carry allocations and distributions for eligible participants. Our custom workflows help you streamline the management and operations of carried interest and equity sharing programs.

Allocation Profiles

Our simplified design helps you streamline data management of participant allocations. Allocation profiles can be created at the Fund, Investment and Investment Tranche levels.

You will have powerful features to help you manage the full life cycle of each allocation profile:
  • Seamlessly handle dilutions, forfeitures and re-allocation events
  • Allocation Profiles are versioned so that you can keep track of each change in participant allocation over time
  • Run audit and history reports of investment profile changes

Distribution Workflow

Our distribution workflow streamlines the process of creating accurate distributions. You can distribute at the Fund, Investment or Investment Tranche Levels. Simply select one or more distribution sources, enter a distribution amount and our workflow will take care of the rest. Participants' pro-rata allocations are sourced from the Allocation Profiles so you can be sure that the correct amounts are being distributed to each participant.

Key Features:
  • Leverage our approval workflow to customize and route distributions to appropriate approvers
  • Easily generate distribution notices for participants in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats
  • Support for deducting and tracking Escrows, Tax Withholdings and other deductions (e.g. Loan Programs, Clawbacks)

Vesting schedules

Define custom vesting schedules based on various participant classes. Participants can be assigned different vesting schedules based on Fund or Investment and are tracked via Allocation Profiles.

Vesting Schedules are tightly integrated with Vesting Forfeiture Analysis to help you understand outstanding carried interest liabilities