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PEAI Global Directory of Carried Interest Products and Services 2021

Our technologists speak and understand your language so you don’t have to understand theirs!

technology consulting services

Reporting & Dashboards

We help our clients implement customer facing reporting, business intelligence platforms and custom reporting solutions to transform raw system data into insights that can enable decision-making and streamline operations.

.NET, Java and Mobile Development

Our technologists can help your organization increase productivity, time-to-market, scalability and availability of your enterprise systems with custom development. 

Data Integrations

We help clients with numerous stove-piped systems built independently but would benefit if integrated across the organization. We apply leading data and systems integration capabilities to consolidate redundant or disparate systems and integrate related business operations.

System Implementation Support

With a proven track record of delivering systems on-time and on-budget you can be assured that we've thought through the details to ensure a successful delivery.

Agile Development

We provide our clients the most cost-effective, quick, and continuous delivery of high-quality solutions based on their needs. Our agile framework is a hybrid model based on best practices from Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and RUP, tailored for each project.

Cloud Migrations

We migrate legacy applications and data to reduce total cost of ownership of your mission critical systems and line of business applications using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

Client Spotlight

"We recognize the meaningful efficiency we can achieve by providing one set of standardized partnership information to our global investor base that is all-inclusive and managed through FirmView and validated through the AltExchange process"
-Peter Haskopoulos, CFO Riverstone Holdings


Operational Leaders Podcast

Richard joins this episode to talk about the ongoing gap in industry-wide data standards and how that creates challenges and opportunities.

A Climate of Change ESG Investing: Pushing the Boundaries from Optional to Essential

Today, there is an increasing focus on the non-financial aspects of investing. Investing with sustainability or social responsibility in mind is often referred to as Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (“ESG”).

STRAIT Bolsters Institutional Platform with PFA Solutions FirmView

STRAIT Fund Services (STRAIT), a fund solutions company providing a full range of services to private equity funds, hedge funds and other alternative investment firms, announced that it, in conjunction with PFA Solutions, is developing STRAITView.